Western Slope Web Design Co’s New Digital Media Educational Materials

Western Slope Web Design Co’s New Digital Media Educational Materials

Western Slope Web Design Co’s New Digital Media Educational Materials

Hello everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful summer, enjoying the sun, and the fun!

If you have been getting out for some well deserved “away time”, that’s great! Since we know everyone will be heading back in doors soon to prepare for the upcoming Holiday Season, we wanted to take a minute to update you on Western Slope Web Design Co’s New Digital Media Educational Courses, which we will be releasing shortly on various platforms across the internet.

As you may have noticed, some things around Western Slope Web Design Co have changed; we have transitioned to creating and distributing Digital Downloadable Media products and materials to help you succeed with your website or blog…well, your whole web presence actually.

We know how tough it can be for micro to small business owners to create their own online presence, websites, and blogs, and we commend you all for your hard work and dedication. We want to help you as much as possible, so we will be creating an exciting video training course to help you with that within the next year or so…who knows, maybe even sooner! But in the meantime, we have carefully planned our training courses to “cover all the bases”; later on we will compile all of this into that BIG training course we mentioned, for well rounded, professional instruction on pretty much every important aspect of your website or blog!

As most of you probably already know, we don’t believe that beautifully functional websites should have to cost a fortune, or take months or years to achieve. In fact, we know they don’t. So in all of our products, we will be teaching you the best, most affordable ways to create those fabulous websites and blogs, for whatever purpose, as well as cost effective and FREE ways to promote your sites, and much more! And of course, e-Learning makes it inherently easier to get the information and training you need, because you can work on the course whenever you have the time. (And don’t forget, if you have a business, these training products are tax deductible!)

We believe that the best way to create a successful online presence, is by utilizing the inherent knowledge of the particular business already in the possession of you, the small business owner. You know your business best; the persona you want your business to impart to your online audience, customers, and clients, as well as the environment in which your business operates. This is the best information one can have when creating a successful online presence. And that means more than just your website or blog.

We work hard to develop essential training for those who wish to DIY, to save time and money, or simply to retain vital control of your online presence. We know you can do it with the right training, and information, and we are here to help. If you are such a person, then our products are sure to be a valuable resource in your toolbox.

We are proud to announce our up and coming, professionally designed, digital training courses. These initial offerings are designed to help you with two important aspects of online business; Content Marketing, and Branding.

Content Marketing Crash Course eBookContent Marketing Crash Course is the first in a series of training courses designed to help you promote your site, keep in Googles’ good graces, and attract, engage, retain, and convert visitors.

The eBook Course includes the Content Marketing Crash Course eBook, with our Content Writing  Guide to help you learn how to write faster, and more effectively. These essential eBook guides are available to Western Slope Web Design Co visitors and readers, right here on our site, so grab your Content Marketing Package Today at Our Limited Time Special Discount Price of just $27! 

Just click the text link above for more information, or click the Paypal button below to purchase & download instantly…

We also some other great training courses to help you on your way!

Branding Crash Course 2017Our Branding Crash Course “Branding For Beginners Complete How To Guide” is the second of our training courses developed by Western Slope Web Design Co Owner/Founder, Tina Barnash. This course addresses the “branding issue” which runs rampant among hard working small businesses. Learn how to create your very own, attention grabbing brand, without the expense, time, and frustration of hiring, and working with a professional designer.

The eBook course is designed to help you plan your strategy, and create your own effective brand, in less than a week (if you apply yourself). Of course, we cannot guarantee what you will do with the information in this course, so we cannot possibly guarantee any particular time frame for completing your brand, but we can assure you that the techniques and information in this course has helped us to help others create their brands, and this will be another important addition to your toolbox!

This essential Branding eCourse is available at our new online store Video Graphics Edge, where you can grab your copy right now!  But don’t forget to Subscribe To Our Newsletter, and Visit Our Blog for updates about great new educational products from Western Slope Web Design Co.!

We hope to see you there soon,

As Always,

Learn, Explore, and Enjoy!

– Western Slope Web Design Co.

Western Slope Web Design Co’s New Digital Media Educational Materials

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