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Why Use Content Marketing? Good Question!

These stats show just how powerful it can be for your business...

Content Marketing has big benefits; increasing traffic and engagement at a lower cost than traditional paid marketing. And it ensures that ad blockers don't hide your marketing efforts from your visitors. That's why top internet marketers and experts around the world consider Content Marketing a must for anyone serious about their success!

Who Will Benefit From This Essential Course?

  • If You Are Just Starting Out & Need to Get Up to Speed Fast...

  • If You are Struggling with Content Marketing...

  • Have An Established Brick & Mortar Business & Want To Expand Your Reach To The Web...

  • If You Would Rather DIY than Spend Tons of Money Outsourcing...

  • If You Need more Traffic, more Engagement, more Internet Marketing Power...

Then Content Marketing Crash Course
Is For You! 

You'll Get Vital Training & Guidance

This beginner crash course will guide you through creating your Content Marketing strategy. And you'll learn essential techniques to successfully implement your strategy, saving you time, money, and frustration. Let's take a look at important topics we'll cover in the course...

  • Mindset

    Every successful strategy requires the right mindset in order to plan and implement it properly, and content marketing is no different. Discover how to look at content marketing with a frame of mind for creating the sensational, unique content that makes for an effective Content Marketer. We’ll also cover setting goals to help you stay on track, and succeed in your Content Marketing efforts.

  • Search Tech

    Find out how the New Google Search Technology impacts your content so you can help ensure that it gets optimal rankings in Google search results. A lot has changed over the past year, but paying attention to what Google wants can still get you valuable organic traffic and attention online.

  • Branding & Marketing Materials

    An effective brand requires the right materials. We’ll go over logos and other key materials you’ll need to get your brand off to a great start..or give your current brand a makeover!

  • Content Marketing Platforms

    Find out about the top online Content Marketing platforms that are essential for most businesses. Identify those that are right for your business, and learn how implement, and use them more effectively. From Social Networks and marketplaces, to forums and some you may not have even heard of, your marketing will bloom when you add these to your strategy.

  • Website & Blog

    Discover the essential components you need for your site. Find out how to integrate your WordPress website or blog with popular platforms, the static pages and content you will need for your site, and how to best display your content. You will also learn about drip feeding your content to easily keep your site’s content “fresh”, and much more.

  • Visual Content

    Quality imagery has a big impact on your reader’s perception of your content, your site, and your entire company image. Imagery is also an important search element. We’ll cover photos, infographics, illustrations, and sales graphics that catch the readers’ eye by helping emphasize content. We’ll even show you FREE tools to help you create your own graphics, and grab free imagery quickly. Plus, we’ll cover video too!

  • SEO

    The course includes an entire, detailed module focused on helping you improve your On Page SEO for better search results, and increased traffic. While things have changed a lot with the search engines in recent months, this is still an area you don’t want to miss. We also have a section dedicated to YouTube SEO best practices!

  • Additional Marketing Options

    Discover more ways to effectively market your content, including Email Marketing, and FREE Methods like Forums. Get step by step instructions on integrations, helpful information on communicating with your visitors and customers, measuring your results, analytics and more!

Content Marketing Pro Tips

Keep an eye out for valuable "Pro Tips" sprinkled throughout the course. These powerful tips will help catapult your Content Marketing, saving you time and money. You'll also find tips on everything from vital website and blog content, keyword research, resources, tools and social media marketing, to a technique that makes creating lots of great content as fast and easy as it gets. And, this course is packed with information and links to affordable, if not free tools and resources to help you with your Internet Marketing.


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Content Marketing - As Easy As Possible

"Of course, there is no magical "Easy Button" for Content Marketing. And I can't guarantee any particular results because I can't guarantee what you will do with what you learn in this course. I do guarantee you that I invested a lot of time and effort into  carefully designing this ebook Course to make things as easy as possible for you. I did this because I want to help you succeed. The course is packed with powerful information, and professionally created in a well organized, user friendly format to help you develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy for a solid foundation in your content related internet marketing plan." - Author, Founder/Owner of Western Slope Web Design Co, Tina Barnash

And since you'll need lots of unique, conversational content to fuel your strategy...

You'll also get our All New Content Writing Pro Guide when you order today!

Content Writing Pro Guide Will Show You...

How to create lots of unique, conversational content to satisfy your readers, and Google (for better search results and more traffic), and do it quicker and easier than you ever thought you could.

Save time and money hiring writers, and never go lacking for QUALITY contextual content!

Learn how to write more effectively, write faster, and work smarter instead of harder to multiply your content and save even more time! You'll even learn some FREE ways to get more traffic, and discover some FREE tools of the trade to make things even easier!

Written by Founder & Owner of Western Slope Web Design Co, Tina Barnash.

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What People Are Saying About Content Writing Pro Guide...

"This is a must-read and must-own for every business owner!"

Content Writing Pro is fabulous! Tina Barnash has done an outstanding job of providing an extremely helpful and user friendly guide to content writing.  She has covered all the bases, everything from drafting to protecting.  Her system streamlines the approach and removes the frustration many of us face when we sit down to develop marketing material.  Learning her system removes frustration, allows me to accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time, equips me to develop material that keeps my readers reading, and increases my client base!  This is a must-read and must-own for every business owner!
Lorie Nelson Owner/President - Signature Virtual Assistance

Some Of What You Will Learn In The Writing Guide

This 50+ page guide will help you learn to write your own amazing content, and lots of it. Discover how to write faster and more effectively than you ever thought you could. Some of the topics we'll cover in the guide include...

  • Quick Writing Techniques

    From traffic and sales orientated content, to utilizing online tools for topics, article structuring 101, and creative mind mapping methods, this course will show you everything you need to get started churning out contextual content faster than you ever thought you could! (Or pass this guide on to your content writer to get more out of their work.) 

  • Finding Cash Cow Topics

    Get the low-down on using free Google tools to research keywords to create knockout titles. Learn about descriptive writing, checking out your competition, and rejuvenating articles you already have. This is a chapter you shouldn’t miss out on!

  • Tools of the Trade

    We’ll show you some great tools that will help give you that edge you are looking for. But don’t worry, your toolbox doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, we’ll show you lots of FREE tools you can use right right away to step up your content creation, and make it easier for you!

  • The Power Of Google

    Get the most out of Google with advanced search techniques, research planning, and the know-how to organize all of that powerful Google information. Speed up your writing with the power of Google!

  • Multiply Your Content

    Learn how to get the most out of your writing projects by creating multiple pieces of content from a single article. You’ll also learn how to get multiple article ideas and titles from a single research session and a few targeted keywords or keyword phrases, so you’ll never run out of fresh content.

  • Power Words & Persuasive Writing

    Learn how to use persuasive writing and powerful words to gain more influence with your readers.  Identify words that motivate your audience to take the preferred action, and easily sculpt your content for better results.

How To Write Like A Pro

Benefit from professional techniques, and learn the tips and tricks that will make your writing stand out on the web. After you have discovered how to best display and distribute your written content online (in the Content Marketing Crash Course), you'll also learn how you can help secure and protect your website and blog content. Perhaps best of all, you'll find out how to create loads of quality content to fuel your website or blog, create articles, email newsletters, or content to post elsewhere around the web for optimal exposure!

Create Faster & Easier With This Organized, Effective Writing System...

Everything in this Content Marketing Package is designed to help you succeed...

This offer ends & the price goes up in:

Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with the insight, training, and benefit you gain from these materials, that we offer a rock solid, iron clad, 30 day money back guarantee. That’s it, plain and simple. Try the course for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, just let us know and you will receive a FULL REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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After purchase, you will be redirected to your secure download page where you will have 72 hours to download the crash course, writing guide, and bonus checklists. You will also be provided with access to support, and contact information should you have questions about your order, or need to request additional download passes.

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Get A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents

Take a look at the entire table of contents of both the Content Marketing Crash Course & Content Writing Pro Guide for a complete list of the subjects we'll cover.

Content Marketing Crash Course

Table of Contents

Introduction. 5

Lesson 1 - Content Marketing Mindset. 6

Lesson 2 - Goals. 8

Traffic. 8

Branding. 8

Sales 9

Search. 9

Shares Engagements 10

Lesson 3 - Google. 10

Module 1 - How Google Does It. 11

Module 2 - Understanding Google Algorithms. 13

Hummingbird. 13

Panda Algorithm.. 14

Google Is Now Using AI In Algorithms 15

Lesson 4 - Marketing Materials. 18

Module 1 - Logo & Specific Platform Imagery. 18

Module 2 - Taglines. 19

Module 3 - Basic Information About Your Company. 20

NAPS. 21

Module 4 - Organizing & Storing. 21

Lesson 5 - Social Media. 23

Module 1 - Facebook. 23

Module 2 - Twitter. 25

Module 3 - Pinterest. 27

Module 4 - Instagram.. 28

Module 5 - Google Plus. 28

Module 6 - General Social Media Best Practices. 29

Module 7 – Social Networking Automation. 30

Lesson 6 - Websites & Blogs. 31

Module 1 - Integrate With Social Platforms. 31

Integrating With Social Platforms 32

Module 2 - Static Pages. 33

Module 3 - Blogs & Posts. 35

Module 4 - Drip feeding content. 37

Module 5 - How to Best Display Your Content. 38

Posts 38

Video. 38

Vimeo. 39

Amazon S3. 39

Images 39

Module 6 - On Page SEO. 40

The Importance Of “On Page SEO” 40

How to Use On Page SEO. 41

Module 7 - SSL & Mobile Responsive. 43

Security Seal (SSL) 43

Mobile Responsive. 45

Module 8 – Communicate & Interact With Your Visitors Via WP Comments. 46

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid. 47

How To Enable/Manage WP Comments 47

Lesson 7 - Imagery & Web Graphics. 49

Module 1 - Photos. 49

Module 2 - Illustrations. 50

Module 3 - Infographics. 50

Module 4 - Logos and Branding. 51

Module 5 - Other Web Graphics. 52

Module 6 -  Standard Image Sizes Table. 53

Lesson 8 - Other Marketing Strategies. 54

Module 1 - Email Marketing. 54

Autoresponders 55

Email Content 56

Affiliate Offers 57

Module 2 - Forums. 57

Module 3 - Webcam Networks. 59

Lesson 9 - YouTube. 60

Module 1 - YouTube Search Benefits. 61

Video Is Booming. 61

Video Design Styles 62

Module 2 - Vlogs. 63

Module 3 - YouTube Best SEO Practices. 64

Module 4 - YouTube Strategy. 65

Module 6- Advertising Your YouTube Channel. 66

Fan Finder 66

Lesson 10 - Sales Oriented Video. 67

Module 1 - Video Length. 67

Module 2 - Video Platforms & Editing Tools. 67

Module 3 - Video Creation Tools. 68

Module 4 – Multiplying Your Contextual Content With Video. 69

Lesson 11 - Analytics & Metrics. 70

Final Thoughts. 72


Table of Contents

Getting Started. 6

Lesson 1 – Quick Writing Techniques. 8

Module 1 - Our Goal. 8

Module 2 - Traffic-Oriented Content. 10

Module 3 - Sale-Oriented Content. 11

Module 4 - Mix Efficiency with Marketing. 12

Lesson 2 - Plain & Simple Writing. 14

Module 1 - Utilizing Online Tools for Topics. 15

Module 2 - Article Structuring 101. 16

Module 3 - Creative Mind Mapping Methods. 19

Module 4 - Write, Write, Write! 21

Lesson 3 - Finding Cash Cow Topics. 22

Module 1 - In Depth: Google Keywords. 22

Make Audience-Oriented Adjustments 22

Be Descriptive. 23

Analyze Other Websites 24

Utilize Preexisting Articles 25

Lesson 4 - Creating Knock-Out Titles. 26

Lesson 5 - Tools of the Trade. 28

Module 1 - Google AdWords Keyword Tool. 28

Module 2 - Article Buddy Pro. 28

Module 3 - PLR Articles. 29

Module 4 - Dragon Naturally Speaking. 30

Module 5 - Free Online Thesaurus. 32

Module 6 - Microsoft Office. 32

Module 7 - Browsers. 32

Internet Explorer 32

Firefox. 33

Google Chrome. 33

Lesson 6 - The Power of Google. 34

Module 1 - Planning Your Research Out. 35

Module 2 - Maintain File Continuity. 35

Module 3 – Target Information. 36

Module 4 - Include Matches in Your Research Document  37

Module 5 - Get The Most From Google. 37

Advanced Search. 37

Language Tools 38

Lesson 7 - Creative Word List Usage. 39

Module 1 - Basic Word Lists. 40

Module 2 - Advanced Word-Listing Techniques. 41

Module 3 - Word List Research. 42

Lesson 8 - Ultimate Writing Advice. 44

Module 1 - Brushing Up On Grammar. 45

Missing Subject and/or Verb. 45

“Danger Words” 46

Run-on Sentences 46

Module 2 - Resources. 47

Lesson 9 - Persuasive Writing (Power Words) 49

Module 1 – Identifying Power Words. 49

Conclusion. 51

Lesson 10 - Structuring Your Writing. 53

Module 1 - Create an Outline. 53

Module 2 - The “Hook”. 55

  1. Pose a Question. 55
  2. Stunning Statistics 56
  3. Memorable Quotes 56
  4. Be Conversational 57
  5. Create a Drama. 57
  6. Tell A Good Story. 58

Module 3 - How To Leave Them Satisfied In The End. 58

  1. Wrap Up the Loose Ends 59
  2. Always Draw a Conclusion. 59
  3. Be the “Next Step” Planner 60
  4. Keep an Eye on Trends 60
  5. Become the “Closer” 60

Lesson 11 - Connect With Your Readers. 61

Module 1 - Always Act Natural. 62

Module 2 - Using Punctuation. 63

Ever Heard of “Stop” Words?. 64

Module 3 - Website Promotion. 64

Module 4 - Care About Aesthetics. 66

Lesson 12 - Combining Your Techniques. 69

Module 1 - Practice Makes Perfect. 69

Module 2 - Keep it Interesting. 70

Module 3 - Stick to Your Schedule. 71

Module 4 - Take Tons of Notes! 72

Lesson 13 - On Page SEO. 75

Module 1 - Why Do You Need On Page SEO. 75

The Importance Of “On Page SEO” 75

How to Use On Page SEO. 76

Lesson 14 – Plagiarism: Protect Your Content Online  79

Protecting Your Content 79

Lesson 15 - Save Your Work Frequently. 81

Lesson 16 - Expanding Your Opportunities. 82

Module 1 - Internet Marketing with Articles. 82

Module 2 - Become A Professional Blogger. 83

Module 3 - Build Your Own Content-Rich Website. 83

Final Thoughts 84

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A Personal Note From The Author ➤

Hi, I'm Tina Barnash, Coach, Consultant, founder and owner of Western Slope Web Design Co. And I enjoy helping hardworking small businesses with their Web Presence.

That's why I created Content Marketing Crash Course and the Content Writing Pro Guide; to help people just like you create and launch a successful Content Marketing strategy. To gain a better understanding of Content Marketing, give you the information you need to develop an effective Content Marketing Strategy that will be most effective for your business, and implement that strategy.

And since I know it’s the most daunting aspect of a web presence for my clients, I included the writing guide to help you create all the written content you need to fuel your Web Presence!

I know that without a solid content marketing strategy, and loads of unique, conversational content, all you really have is a great looking website or blog that no one is ever likely to see.

So, I spent several months working hard developing and creating these essential eBooks to help you succeed. As my goal is to help you as much as I can, I really want your efforts to pay off, so I included all the top recommended tips, tricks and techniques I could pack in there.

The benefits of content marketing are more than search rankings; today's' savvy web visitors and consumers also crave content. And not just any content, they desire content that is worth their time; content they perceive to have value

Consequently, this is the sort of content that Google ranks highly.

So you see, this is the stuff that fuels a successful Web Presence.

Yet sadly, business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere struggle with their content marketing strategy. What's worse, they endure frustration and confusion trying to implement the barest strategy, one that may not even be the best fit for them. And they are constantly languishing over content creation.

I know because I have been assisted clients with their strategy and showing them the very same information I’m showing you in these eBooks for several years now. And I have really enjoyed helping them successfully develop and grow their web presence.


I don't like to see anyone struggle. I like to see people succeed in all their hard work. So, I created the Content Marketing Crash Course to walk you through the basics of this vital Internet Marketing method step by step.

Then I made sure that it is priced affordably so that everyone can benefit from it!

Due to the importance and effectiveness of this information it would normally cost you hundreds of dollars for private coaching and training to add it to your arsenal.

To find all of this information and figure this out on your own it would take you months. (And you do of course have that option; there's nothing I'm going to show you in these essential guides that pro Content Marketers everywhere aren't saying. Although this may result in a lot of potentially frustrating and disappointing trial and error, and a LOT of time spent hunting down information.)

But you won’t pay hundreds here. And you don't have to go it alone, and waste time trying to compile this information yourself.

I didn’t put this valuable information together for people who are already successful (although it never hurts to brush up on skills). I created this for hard working online business owners, friends and clients who are struggling, still spinning their wheels, and still not experiencing the results they want. The results they need.

And I cannot possibly help everyone who would benefit from this information via personal coaching sessions anyway. There just simply is not enough time.

Since I want to help as many people as I can, and believe that everyone should have the chance to benefit from this information, I am granting you access to these essential, informative eBooks today at an affordable price that makes it a no-brainer!

This is why I am excited to offer you this opportunity to get INSTANT access to the ENTIRE Content Marketing Crash Course And Content Writing Pro Guide, plus the exclusive bonus checklists for this one time, low introductory price!

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Take advantage of this limited time offer; grab your copy of these essential eBooks today, and make the most of your online presence!

Best Wishes,

- Tina Barnash & The Team @ Western Slope Web Design Co.

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