Web Design Training, Coaching, and Consulting 

The internet is always evolving, and so are your customers, and your business. Your website needs to evolve too; no website or blog is ever truly complete. Aside from regular maintenance and updates, upgrades and new features will be required from time to time in order to keep up with new internet requirements, trends, and with your competitors.

Meanwhile, just getting a full online presence up and running can be difficult enough. For most, as soon as you start down that path, expenses seemingly pop up at every turn, the learning curve seems impossible, and the notion of “growth” quickly starts to fade.

The good news; it simply does not have to be that way. Though online business will always be hard work, it is possible to build, manage, and grow your websites and blogs, your entire online presence, without all the hassle, stress, and disappointing moments that typically go with it.

“Work smarter, not harder.”

This famous little phrase is perhaps never so true as when you are creating a little corner of the web for yourself. And applying it begins with getting the right help. Help that can show you the right tools, the right resources, the right strategies to get the job done right, the first time.

And once you discover what all your online presence can be, and what it can do for you and your business, you’ll discover that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

You will also discover the wonder that is…automation! The ability to “cover more bases” than you ever thought you could. This is how you will truly apply the wisdom of our helpful little phrase. And it all begins with getting the right help.

“The Help You Need & Deserve.”

Tina Barnash, Coach & Consultant, and owner of Western Slope Web Design Co, offers friendly, knowledgeable coaching services and consultation for entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profit organizations. Specifically for anyone who wishes to retain complete control over their websites and blogs, their business, and keep costs down by building their online presence themselves.

Coaching and consulting services are available to help startups of any kind. Especially to help driven people with unique products and services get there offerings out there on the web for others to see, and appreciate.

And for existing businesses, for assistance in updating their online presence, websites and blogs, and growing their possibilities into realities.


*Sorry, No Appoinments Available. However, Tina is currently working on Digital Training products available at Video Graphics Edge➛

Web Design Training & Coaching

A very patient instructor,  from a family of professional educators, Tina is happy to walk you through the steps to complete your task or project. If you would like to learn how to perform basic maintenance and updates, or build the entire website or blog on your own, she is happy to show you how!

“GIVE a Man a Fish and You Feed Him for A Day, TEACH a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for A Lifetime.”

“My goal is to help you get the skills you need to successfully build, manage, and grow your online presence. I am always excited to show you how you can do it without spending a fortune, without frying your brain, and without getting caught up in needless work.” – Tina Barnash

Who the services are for:

  • If you intend to build your own site and are in need of training, or would simply like some inspiration and direction. Schedule an appointment to go over your needs and goals, and get help planning and implementing your strategy.
  • If you need someone to analyze your website or blog and identify trouble areas, or ways you can grow your online presence. Recommendations and suggestions are available through the coaching services.
  • If you need general insight and advice about any aspect of your online presence; your website, blog, internet marketing, branding, content marketing, eCommerce, etc., schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

Service Details:

  • Training & Coaching Sessions are available by the hour; 1-hour minimum of $55 USD.
  • Training sessions must be paid for in full before services are rendered.

Be sure to visit the blog for informative articles, tutorials, and information  about various web related tasks. These tutorials are FREE, and you may be able to find answers to your questions right now!

We’re sorry, we are not currently accepting new clients. For more information visit TinaBarnash.com. For Content Marketing training get your limited time discount on Tina’s new Content Marketing Crash Course Here➛

Consultation Services

From time to time we could all use a little help in our online endeavors, and it’s always nice to have friendly, professional advice, and information on hand when needed. Most businesses are merely in need of a little information, someone one to walk them through their options, go over ideas, and help them decide on the best features for their web properties. This is what the Web Consulting Services are designed for; to provide that little extra assistance when needed.

If you are creating your new website or blog, are thinking about making alterations or updates to your existing site, or have an idea for a new feature and would just like to go over it with someone who can advise, then these services are for you.

Already working with a designer, but having difficulties getting your ideas across? Sometimes it helps to know your options, and a bit of technical jargon, to make things go smoother. Schedule a consultation to help you work with your designer for optimal results.

Services also include providing direction and advise in regards to new web projects, workflow, SEO, marketing, and organization, as well as help with creative thinking!

Service Details:

  • Consulting services are available in increments of 1 hour, with a 1-hour minimum of $55 USD.
  • Must be paid for in full before services are rendered.

For more information visit TinaBarnash.com

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