Secret Ranking Factor Gets Your Brand Recognized Fast

Secret Ranking Factor Gets Your Brand Recognized Fast

So last week we posted a couple of videos by SEO Expert Neil Patel, and this week we wanted to add to your SEO training with this follow up video where Neil shows you a Secret Ranking Factor Gets Your Brand Recognized Fast!

Now, this little trick can have a big impact on getting your brand searched online for better search ranks in search engines. And that’s what all businesses want; their brand recognition on the rise. For one thing, as Neil explains, having your brand specifically searched on a grand scale triggers Google and other search engines to view your business as a popular brand that’s in play on the internet. This will cause your search ranks to rise, and subsequently, your organic traffic will increase.

Neil gives you a great idea for getting your brand searched online in this recent June 14th video; a simple little trick that entices people to seek you out on the web to find out who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, or a business with products or services to sell; this will work to get attention to any brand. And you  can use it on social media, in a Youtube commercial, or on forums, etc.

Neil is always coming up with innovative new ways to gain traffic. And we are always impressed at the techniques he comes up with. That’s why we wanted to call your attention to this video this week, in an effort to focus on SEO for a few weeks of the summer here. Because we know most of you are looking to increase your traffic all the time, but especially before the Holiday Season.

So take some time to carefully consider this suggestion, and see if you can come up with something along these lines to get people searching for your brand online!

Secret Ranking Factor Gets Your Brand Recognized Fast

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