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Get the information and tools you need and avoid costly errors, confusion, and frustration along the way.

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What We Do

We believe that building your own website should be more enjoyable, and less of the frustrating hassle you may be used to. And if you are not used to the hassle, we don’t want you to get that way!

If you believe, you can achieve! We are here to help you build the website you want, the website your business needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the information, resources, and tools you need to build your website, or make your existing website better, helping you to avoid costly errors, confusion, and frustration along the way.

For web design training, coaching, and consultation services visit TinaBarnash.com, or use the contact form here to email for assistance.

Whether you are building a small website, or a more extensive one, you’ll find the information and training you need to get your web design project completed, and your site up and running smoothly!

Western Slope Web Design Co

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Drowning In Your WordPress Dashboard?

WordPress is a wonderful, open source platform that can be used to create literally any website you can imagine. With loads of plugins to add features and improve functionality, and zillions of amazing themes to choose from, it can make building your website really exciting!

It can also be daunting for those who don’t know how to use it.

Free WordPress Video Training Course – Get off to a great start with this basic Worpress training series! Coming Soon…

One on One Training, Coaching, Consulting – Contact Us Today for personalized help; get as little, or as much assistance as you need! Learn More…

*We are working very hard to develop a Video Training Course that will show you how to set up a professional WP site for your business the right way, the first time!

The course will include downloadable checklists, and other essential resources and materials. Special bonus video training modules for topics like WP security practices, and advanced training modules for special features will be also available soon!

Western Slope Web Design Co

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