Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects

Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects

Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects

Grunge Backgrounds For Web ProjectsUsing Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects has become a popular way give websites and blogs a gritty, edgy look and feel. These graphics make grime look good, so its little wonder we find awesome looking Grunge style graphics adorning music, gaming, and fashion sites, as well as certain types of personal blogs. We like them too, and are impressed at how well they impart the perfect atmosphere to those sites.

Grunge backgrounds and graphics tend to be boldly colored and crisp, with random, roughly shaped lines, shapes, streaks, smudges, blotches, and spots, so they may not be the right move for many sites where the emphasis needs to be placed elsewhere. But when the look is appropriate, they can have a huge impact on the popularity of the site, complementing the content and imagery in perfect fashion.

Grunge Backgrounds Bubbles Speaking of fashion, grunge backgrounds can do an amazing job of creating a trendy, boutique atmosphere for modern clothing sites that sell the latest in youth or young adult fashions, as well as online music shops. We have also visited a good number of interesting personal blogs that utilize this style successfully, setting just the right tone for their visitors.  For those who would like to incorporate the grunge look into their site, but are worried about overpowering their content, we have noted that a muted version of a grunge image does the job beautifully.

Quick Tip: If you purchased a bold background and would like to tone it down, simply take the graphic into an image editing program, like Photoshop, or try the free one here. Create a new layer over the image, and fill it with white at 50% (you can adjust the percentage to achieve the desired look). If this comes out looking a bit off, try picking the lightest color from the image with the eyedropper (color picker tool), and fill with that color instead for a more coordinated look.

Working to offer a lot more goodies in Our Shop, we recently got side-tracked on grunge style imagery! So, we now have some great Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects available there.

Grunge Bubble Website BackroundsWe found that the grunge style works wonderfully with just about every color combination you can think of, but prefer the more dowered hues ourselves. That didn’t stop us from creating bold, beautiful jewel tone Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects, along with the more ‘toned down’ ones. Bubbles and other 3D objects can also be a great way to enhance grunge graphics. If you are looking for a new background for your site or blog, and have decided to go with grunge style graphics, you may want to take a look!

Be sure to join us again in the near future, as we continue to add new background images, graphics, and other great products to our shop.

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Grunge Backgrounds For Web Projects

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