How To Integrate Your WordPress Website With Social Media Networks

How To Integrate Your WordPress Website With Social Media Networks

How To Integrate Your WordPress Website With Social Media Networks

One of the first things you should do when setting up your WordPress website or blog is to integrate with your preferred Social Media networks. This means configuring your site to connect with your Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest, etc., which you should already have in place. If not, go ahead and set those up so you can integrate them as soon as possible.

This step is extremely vital to your website or blog because in enables visitors to share and like your content on popular social networks. This in turn can have a major impact on your traffic, and the success of your business. Because of this, we put together this short, straight to the point post to help you integrate your WordPress website or blog with your Social Networks.

WordPress makes this really easy; there are a variety of social media plugins and options for sharing your content with the world.  Many WordPress themes also come with social integration built in.  But even better still, you can connect your WordPress site with all of your social media accounts right from your WP dashboard.

Integrating With Social Platforms

One of the most highly rated, easy ways to integrate your WordPress website or blog with recommended social media platforms is to use the “Publicize” feature in the free Jetpack plugin. This will allow you to connect to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, with the click of a button. It also does much more, allowing you to save time with automatic sharing features. With Jetpack and Publicize enabled, information about newly published posts on your blog will be automatically posted to your social media accounts.

To set up Publicize and start sharing your content, you first need to get the plugin.   Go to Plugins>Add Plugin>, use the search field and type “Jetpack”, locate the Jetpack plugin, and install it.

Next, go to Jetpack>Settings to enable Publicize.

*Note: You must link your site to your account to enable Jetpack Publicize, and use the sharing settings. If you don’t have a account, follow this link to get one; it’s free.

Lastly, go to: Settings>Sharing to add sharing buttons to your pages and posts, your screen should look something like this:

How To Integrate Your WordPress Website With Social Media Networks

Simply click the little “Connect” buttons next to your preferred Social Networking sites, and follow the on-screen directions to login to each and integrate them with your site.

You can also ensure that each peice of content you post is shared automatically with your networks. Automatic sharing can be enabled in the page editor when you publish new content. At the top right hand corner of the page editor, in the “Publish” box, select the platforms you want to automatically post to under “Publicize:”, then publish the page, as you can see below.

Wordpress Social Integration

Simple, easy, fast – but it can have such big benefits for your website or blog, your business, that it may seem too easy! Although we are sure you can find other important things to do with the time you save making sure your content goes out over your Social Networks.

We hope this little tutorial has been helpful to you. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and join our RSS feed for new information each week. Until next time, enjoy creating a website or blog you can be proud of!

How To Integrate Your WordPress Website With Social Media Networks

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